Wednesday, 21 January 2009

New Dad's Army podcast now on-line

Episode 31

The first Dad's Army podcast of 2009 is now on-line and available at

This edition of the podcast is a little different from the usual format – Paul Carpenter from the Dad’s Army Appreciation Society brings you a review (featuring several wonderful clips) from the recently recovered audio versions of the 1968 Christmas Night with the Stars sketch and the off-air recording of series 2’s A Stripe for Frazer. Thanks to Paul for putting together such a fantastic piece of audio and giving all you lucky podcast listeners the opportunity to hear what is in effect, brand new Dad’s Army.

If that wasn’t enough, Clare returns to the podcast and reviews the classic Christmas Special, My Brother and I.

Podcast 32 will be the long promised feedback episode and as I have yet to record it, you have a great opportunity to get your comments on the show. I am particularly interested to hear what episode of Dad's Army you would like us to review and chat about in the future. Send in your thoughts to me at or click on 'comments' at the foot of this posting.